FWIW a fix for this has been posted to all active branches:

Author: Andres Freund <and...@anarazel.de>
Branch: master [fd6a3f3ad] 2015-02-26 12:50:07 +0100
Branch: REL9_4_STABLE [d72115112] 2015-02-26 12:50:07 +0100
Branch: REL9_3_STABLE [abce8dc7d] 2015-02-26 12:50:07 +0100
Branch: REL9_2_STABLE [d67076529] 2015-02-26 12:50:07 +0100
Branch: REL9_1_STABLE [5c8dabecd] 2015-02-26 12:50:08 +0100
Branch: REL9_0_STABLE [82e0d6eb5] 2015-02-26 12:50:08 +0100

    Reconsider when to wait for WAL flushes/syncrep during commit.
    Up to now RecordTransactionCommit() waited for WAL to be flushed (if
    synchronous_commit != off) and to be synchronously replicated (if
    enabled), even if a transaction did not have a xid assigned. The primary
    reason for that is that sequence's nextval() did not assign a xid, but
    are worthwhile to wait for on commit.
    This can be problematic because sometimes read only transactions do
    write WAL, e.g. HOT page prune records. That then could lead to read only
    transactions having to wait during commit. Not something people expect
    in a read only transaction.
    This lead to such strange symptoms as backends being seemingly stuck
    during connection establishment when all synchronous replicas are
    down. Especially annoying when said stuck connection is the standby
    trying to reconnect to allow syncrep again...
    This behavior also is involved in a rather complicated <= 9.4 bug where
    the transaction started by catchup interrupt processing waited for
    syncrep using latches, but didn't get the wakeup because it was already
    running inside the same overloaded signal handler. Fix the issue here
    doesn't properly solve that issue, merely papers over the problems. In
    9.5 catchup interrupts aren't processed out of signal handlers anymore.
    To fix all this, make nextval() acquire a top level xid, and only wait for
    transaction commit if a transaction both acquired a xid and emitted WAL
    records.  If only a xid has been assigned we don't uselessly want to
    wait just because of writes to temporary/unlogged tables; if only WAL
    has been written we don't want to wait just because of HOT prunes.
    The xid assignment in nextval() is unlikely to cause overhead in
    real-world workloads. For one it only happens SEQ_LOG_VALS/32 values
    anyway, for another only usage of nextval() without using the result in
    an insert or similar is affected.
    Discussion: 20150223165359.gf30...@awork2.anarazel.de,
    Per complaint from maumau and Thom Brown
    Backpatch all the way back; 9.0 doesn't have syncrep, but it seems
    better to be consistent behavior across all maintained branches.

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