On 3/4/15 7:13 PM, Jan de Visser wrote:
On March 4, 2015 11:08:09 PM Andres Freund wrote:
Let's get the basic feature (notification of failed reloads) done
first. That will be required with or without including the error
message.  Then we can get more fancy later, if somebody really wants to
invest the time.

Except for also fixing pg_reload_conf() to pay attention to what happens with
postmaster.pid, the patch I submitted does exactly what you want I think.

And I don't mind spending time on stuff like this. I'm not smart enough to deal
with actual, you know, database technology.

Yeah, lets at least get this wrapped and we can see about improving it.

I like the idea of doing a here-doc or similar in the .pid, though I think it'd be sufficient to just prefix all the continuation lines with a tab. An uglier option would be just striping the newlines out.
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