On Sun, Mar  8, 2015 at 09:26:38AM +1100, Gabriele Bartolini wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> 2015-03-08 5:37 GMT+11:00 Bruce Momjian <br...@momjian.us>:
>             Desirability -> Design -> Implement -> Test -> Review -> Commit
>     This patch has continued in development without getting agreement on
>     its Desirability or Design, meaning we are going to continue going back
>     to those points until there is agreement.  Posting more versions of this
>     patch is not going to change that.
> Could you please elaborate that?
> I actually think the approach that has been followed is what makes open source
> and collaborative development work. The initial idea was based on timestamp
> approach which, thanks to the input of several developers, led Marco to 
> develop
> LSN based checks and move forward the feature implementation.

OK, if you think everyone just going on their own and working on patches
that have little chance of being accepted, you can do it, but that
rarely makes successful open source software.  You can do whatever you
want with your patch.

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