why does we take so many attention to fsync issue?
but there are also table spaces in tmpfs, wal in tmpfs, disks with cache 
without bbu, writeback writes and fs without ordering and journal, any CLOUDS, 
etc etc... in our real world installations.
more over not all of these issues are usually in dba's medium, and what dba 
really have to do -- is to accept ugly bottom storage properties and DO 
properly PITR/standby.
and if we have PITR then "fsync or not fsync" in master host doesn't matter so 
much. and could matter providing fsync in archive host. but doing fsync in 
archive -- it is workaround for archive_command realization.
in conclusion -- imho, full-page writes is more sensual than fsync when we 
guarantee PITR.
-- misha

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