On 2015-07-01 PM 02:37, Amit Kapila wrote:
> In terms of completeness, I think we should add some documentation
> for this patch, one way is to update about the execution mechanism in
> src/backend/access/transam/README.parallel and then explain about
> new configuration knobs in documentation (.sgml files).  Also we
> can have a separate page in itself in documentation under Server
> Programming Section (Parallel Query -> Parallel Scan;
> Parallel Scan Examples; ...)
> Another thing to think about this patch at this stage do we need to
> breakup this patch and if yes, how to break it up into multiple patches,
> so that it can be easier to complete the review. I could see that it
> can be splitted into 2 or 3 patches.
> a. Infrastructure for parallel execution, like some of the stuff in
> execparallel.c, heapam.c,tqueue.c, etc and all other generic
> (non-nodes specific) code.
> b. Nodes (Funnel and PartialSeqScan) specific code for optimiser
> and executor.
> c. Documentation
> Suggestions?

A src/backend/executor/README.parallel?


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