On 2015-07-02 AM 11:41, Rahila Syed wrote:
> Hello,
>> I though about the possibilities of progress visualization - and one
> possibility is one or two special column in pg_stat_activity table - this
> info can be interesting for VACUUM >started by autovacuum too.
> Thank you for suggestion. The design with hooks and a separate view was
> mainly to keep most of the code outside core as the feature proposed is
> specific to VACUUM command. Also, having a separate view can give more
> flexibility in terms of displaying various progress parameters.

Unless I am missing something, I guess you can still keep the actual code that
updates counters outside the core if you adopt an approach that Simon
suggests. Whatever the view (existing/new), any related counters would have a
valid (non-NULL) value when read off the view iff hooks are set perhaps
because you have an extension that sets them. I guess that means any operation
that "supports" progress tracking would have an extension with suitable hooks

Of course unless I misinterpreted Simon's words.


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