On 07/15/2015 07:58 AM, Simon Riggs wrote:

For me the design summary is this

* CREATE GLOBAL TEMP TABLE creates catalog entries like a normal table but with different relkind * When we see a request to INSERT, DEL, UPD, SEL from the temp table, if it does not exist we create it as a TEMP table of the same name, using the Global's pg_class entry as a template

That meets the SQL Standard and doesn't contain any visibility problems or need for new internals.

The purpose of this feature is to automatically create a temp table with the same definition whenever needed. The discussion of "bloat" is just wrong. We create exactly the same amount of bloat as if we had typed CREATE TEMP TABLE. Optimising temp table entries in the catalog is another, separate patch, if we care.

Sounds fine in general. I'm a bit curious to know what are the locking implications of vivifying the table on access.



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