Thank you for the explanation. It's really helpfull.

>> Second question is when the wrong summary data is gone? It seems
>> vacuum does not help. Do I have to recreate the index (or reindex)?
> Yeah, that's a bit of an open problem: we don't have any mechanism to
> mark a block range as needing resummarization, yet.  I don't have any
> great ideas there, TBH.  Some options that were discussed but never led
> anywhere:
> 1. whenever a heap tuple is deleted that's minimum or maximum for a
> column, mark the index tuple as needing resummarization.  One a future
> vacuuming pass the index would be updated.  (I think this works for
> minmax, but I don't see how to apply it to inclusion).
> 2. have block ranges be resummarized randomly during vacuum.
> 3. Have index tuples last for only X number of transactions, marking the
> as needing summarization when that expires.
> 4. Have a user-invoked function that re-runs summarization.  That way
> the user can implement any of the above policies, or others.

What about doing resummarization while rechecking the heap data?

Best regards,
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan

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