Adam Brightwell wrote:
> All,
> While looking at the include dependency graph for objectaddress.h:
> I saw that pg_list.h is both included and inherited (through multiple
> paths) by objectaddress.h.  Perhaps this doesn't matter, but I thought
> I would at least bring it up and propose removing this redundant
> #include from objectaddress.h.

I wondered whether to bother about this kind of thing for a while.  It
doesn't have any practical impact immediately, because obviously
pg_list.h is still included indirectly by objectaddress.h (via lock.h in
this case IIRC).  If we made some restructuring that caused the other
header not to include pg_list.h anymore, that would make objectaddress.h
broken -- unless objectaddress.h itself no longer needed pg_list.h.

We've had in previous rounds whole iterations on a "pgrminclude" script
that does this kind of thing, but the breakage after each such run is

All in all, I wouldn't bother unless there is an actual change.

Álvaro Herrera      
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