Tom Lane wrote:
> I wrote:
> > +1 to this patch, in fact I think we could remove MAX_OCLASS altogether
> > which would be very nice for switch purposes.
> Oh, wait, I forgot that the patch itself introduces another reference to
> MAX_OCLASS.  I wonder though if we should get rid of that as an enum value
> in favor of #define'ing a LAST_OCLASS macro referencing the last enum
> item, or some other trick like that.  It's certainly inconvenient in
> event_trigger.c to have a phony member of the enum.

Yeah, that works well enough.  Pushed that way.

> Are there any other arrays that need such tests?

I looked around with this:

git grep 'const.*\[.*[^][0-9].*\].*=.*{'

and found one suspicious-looking use of MAX_ACL_KIND which we could
perhaps define in a way equivalent to what we've done here.  We also
have RM_MAX_ID in a couple of arrays but that looks safe because both
the values and the arrays are auto-generated.

don't look likely to actually cause any trouble.

(There are many arrays sized to numerical constants, but there are about
5000 of those and I'm not in a hurry to verify how they are used.)

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