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make installcheck-world:  tested, passed
Implements feature:       tested, failed
Spec compliant:           not tested
Documentation:            not tested

The feature doesn't seem to work:
pg_dump -t t -t 'ii*' --strict-names
pg_dump: unrecognized option `--strict-names'
Try "pg_dump --help" for more information.
decibel@decina:[16:58]~/git/postgres/i (pg_dump-strict-names-7.patch=)$bin/p

The documentation could use some improvements.

+        <para>
+         Require that table and/or schema match at least one entity each.
+         Without any entity in the database to be dumped, an error message
+         is printed and dump is aborted.
+        </para>

Would be clearer as

Require that each schema (-n / --schema) and table (-t / --table) qualifier 
match at least one schema/table in the database to be dumped. Note that if none 
of the schema/table qualifiers find matches pg_dump will generate an error even 
without --strict-names.

+        <para>
+         This option has no effect on the exclude table and schema patterns
+         (and also <option>--exclude-table-data</>): not matching any entities
+         isn't considered an error.

This option has no effect on -N/--exclude-schema, -T/--exclude_table or 
--exclude-table-date. An exclude pattern failing to match any objects is not 
considered an error.

The new status of this patch is: Waiting on Author

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