On Sun, 2015-03-22 at 19:47 +0100, Andres Freund wrote:
> On 2015-03-22 00:47:12 +0100, Tomas Vondra wrote:
> > from time to time I need to correlate PostgreSQL logs to other logs,
> > containing numeric timestamps - a prime example of that is pgbench. With
> > %t and %m that's not quite trivial, because of timezones etc.
> I have a hard time seing this is sufficient cause for adding more format
> codes. They're not free runtime and documentation wise. -0.5 from me.

I am about to commit this patch (the one that adds a single extra
option). Although nothing is free, the cost seems very low, and at least
three people have expressed interest in this patch.

What tips the balance is that we expose the unix epoch in the pgbench
logs, as Tomas points out.

        Jeff Davis

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