On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 07:58:21AM +0200, CPT wrote:
> Hi all;
> We are running a multi-TB bioinformatics system on PostgreSQL and
> use a denormalized schema in
> places with a lot of tsvectors aggregated together for centralized
> searching.  This is
> very important to the performance of the system.  These aggregate
> many documents (sometimes tens of thousands), many of which contain
> large numbers of references to other documents.  It isn't uncommon
> to have tens of thousands of lexemes.  The tsvectors hold mixed
> document id and natural language search information (all f which
> comes in from the same documents).
> Recently we have started hitting the 1MB limit on tsvector size.  We
> have found it possible to
> patch PostgreSQL to make the tsvector larger but this changes the
> on-disk layout.  How likely is
> it that either the tsvector size could be increased in future
> versions to allow for vectors up to toastable size (1GB logical)?  I
> can't imagine we are the only ones with such a problem.  Since, I
> think, changing the on-disk layout might not be such a good idea,
> maybe it would be worth considering having a new bigtsvector type?
> Btw, we've been very impressed with the extent that PostgreSQL has
> tolerated all kinds of loads we have thrown at it.

Can anyone on hackers answer this question from June?

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