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Jan Wieck <j...@wi3ck.info> wrote:

The problem is a cache introduced in commit 45ba4247 that improves

That's a bit off; 45ba424f seems to be what you mean.

Copy paste over paper.

foreign key lookups during bulk updates when the FK value does not
change. When restoring a schema dump from a database with many (say
100,000) foreign keys, this cache is growing very big and every ALTER
TABLE command is causing a InvalidateConstraintCacheCallBack(), which
does a sequential hash table scan.

The patch uses a heuristic method of detecting when the hash table
should be destroyed and recreated. InvalidateConstraintCacheCallBack()
adds the current size of the hash table to a counter. When that sum
reaches 1,000,000, the hash table is flushed. This improves the schema
restore of a database with 100,000 foreign keys by factor 3.

According to my tests the patch does not interfere with the bulk
updates, the original feature was supposed to improve.

In the real-world customer case that caused you to look into this,
I thought 45ba424f drove schema-only restore time from 2 hours to
about 25 hours, and that this patch takes it back down to 2 hours.
Am I remembering right?  And this came about because it added
20-some hours to a pg_upgrade run?

From 2 hours to >50, but yes, this is that case.

If there are no objections, I will push this as a bug fix back to
9.3, where the performance regression was introduced.

Regards, Jan

Jan Wieck
Senior Software Engineer

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