Please find attached the WIP patch for the proposed feature. It is built
based on the already discussed design.

Changes made:
- add new parameter "sync_file" to provide the location of the pg_syncinfo
file. The default is 'ConfigDir/pg_syncinfo.conf', same as for pg_hba and
pg_ident file.
- pg_syncinfo file will hold the sync rep information in the approved JSON
- synchronous_standby_names can be set to 'pg_syncinfo.conf'  to read the
JSON value stored in the file.
- All the standbys mentioned in the s_s_names or the pg_syncinfo file
currently get the priority as 1 and all others as  0 (async)
- Various functions in syncrep.c to read the json file and store the values
in a struct to be used in checking the quorum status of syncrep standbys
(SyncRepGetQuorumRecPtr function).

It does not support the current behavior for synchronous_standby_names =
'*'. I am yet to thoroughly test the patch.


Beena Emerson

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