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> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Foreign join pushdown vs EvalPlanQual
> On 2015/09/11 6:24, Robert Haas wrote:
> > On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 1:22 AM, Etsuro Fujita
> > <fujita.ets...@lab.ntt.co.jp> wrote:
> >>> I'm wondering if there's another approach.  If I understand correctly,
> >>> there are two reasons why the current situation is untenable.  The
> >>> first is that ForeignRecheck always returns true, but we could instead
> >>> call an FDW-supplied callback routine there.  The callback could be
> >>> optional, so that we just return true if there is none, which is nice
> >>> for already-existing FDWs that then don't need to do anything.
> >>
> >> My question about this is, is the callback really needed?  If there are any
> >> FDWs that want to do the work *in their own way*, instead of just doing
> >> ExecProcNode for executing a local join execution plan in case of foreign
> >> join (or just doing ExecQual for checking remote quals in case of foreign
> >> table), I'd agree with introducing the callback, but if not, I don't think
> >> that that makes much sense.
> >
> > It doesn't seem to me that it hurts much of anything to add the
> > callback there, and it does provide some flexibility.  Actually, I'm
> > not really sure why we're thinking we need a subplan here at all,
> > rather than just having a ForeignRecheck callback that can do whatever
> > it needs to do with no particular help from the core infrastructure.
> > I think you wrote some code to show how postgres_fdw would use the API
> > you are proposing, but I can't find it.  Can you point me in the right
> > direction?
> I've proposed the following API changes:
> * I modified create_foreignscan_path, which is called from
> postgresGetForeignJoinPaths/postgresGetForeignPaths, so that a path,
> subpath, is passed as the eighth argument of the function. subpath
> represents a local join execution path if scanrelid==0, but NULL if
> scanrelid>0.
I like to suggest to have multiple path nodes, like custom-scan, because
the infrastructure will be also helpful to implement FDW driver that can
have multiple sub-plans. One expected usage is here:

> * I modified make_foreignscan, which is called from
> postgresGetForeignPlan, so that a list of quals, fdw_quals, is passed as
> the last argument of the function.  fdw_quals represents remote quals if
> scanrelid>0, but NIL if scanrelid==0.
If a callback on ForeignRecheck processes EPQ rechecks, the core PostgreSQL
don't need to know what expression was pushed down and how does it kept in
the private field (fdw_exprs). Only FDW driver knows which private field is
the expression node that was pushed down to the remote side. It shall not be
an interface contract.

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