* Dean Rasheed ( wrote:
> On 10 September 2015 at 21:48, Robert Haas <> wrote:
> > The open items list here:
> >
> >
> >
> > Dean's latest round of RLS refactoring.
> This refactoring patch doesn't fix any behavioural issues. It is all
> about trying to make the code simpler and more readable and
> maintainable, and also addressing Alvaro's comments here:
> However, it has bit-rotted over the last 3 months. In particular it
> doesn't take account of this change:
> I will happily work up a rebased version of the patch, but only if I
> get a serious commitment from a committer to review it. Otherwise,
> I'll let it drop.

There's no question about getting it reviewed and moving it forward;
either Joe or myself will certainly be able to handle that if others
don't step up. 

I believe there's just a question about if it should be done for 9.5 or
only in master.

That said, addressing Alvaro's comments and avoiding unnecessary code
differences between the back branches and current might be sufficient
justification to move forward with it for 9.5 too.  I thought the
refactoring was a good change in general.


I've updated the page to add more details about the various items,
though the only code changes at this point considered 'open' are this
refactoring and the question regarding the 'row-level-security disabled'
context which I posted a patch for discussion yesterday.

Comments and help on these would certainly be welcome, of course.  We're
working on a set of documentation updates to hopefully finish up in the
next week to add more details about RLS (additional sub-sections,
coverage of the issue Peter raised, additional discussion of RETURNING,



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