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but making the COLUMN
required is certainly much worse as it breaks many existing scripts. The
keyword inky breaks cases that manipulate "statistics" column.

Ouch! It is simply by accident, or my lack of carefulness. I will
come up with fixed syntax later..

If any of this is unacceptable, then we probably need to come up with a
different syntax.

I've been thinking about the syntax, and I think both options (making COLUMN required or making STATISTICS a reserved keyword) will break something no matter what we do, forcing the users to either always use ADD COLUMN or quote all the existing uses of "statistics" (as column names, for example).

Maybe the best solution is to abandon the ALTER TABLE approach entirely, and instead invent a new set of commands


(ALTER STATISTICS seems a bit excessive at this point).

Another thing is that perhaps we should add names for statistics, just like we do for constraints, for example. Otherwise the DROP STATISTICS handling is rather awkward - for example if the user creates stats twice by mistake, he's unable to drop just one of them.


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