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> https://commitfest.postgresql.org/6/201/
> Patch looks good and is helpful in some usecases. I found and fix some
> typo (new version in attach), but patch shows some inconsistent output:
> % pg_dump -t 'aaa*'  postgres
> pg_dump: No matching tables were found
> % pg_dump -t 'aaa*' --strict-names postgres
> pg_dump: Table "aaa*" not found.
> In second case error message is obviously worse.

There are two different situation - first message says "there are not any
table for work", second says "There are not specific table(s) with specific
names (mask)". I am thinking so this information is enough interesting for

Can be changed to "No matching table(s) were found for filter "aaa*" " ?



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