Tatsuo Ishii <is...@postgresql.org> writes:
>> When pg_ctl tries to connect to postmaster, it uses "" as the
>> target ip address. Unfortunately "" is not a valid address on
>> Windows and it fails. Shouldn't pg_ctl translate "" to
>> "" in this case?

> I think this is definitely a bug. I privately heard from the reporter
> that if postmaster is started by not using pg_ctl, it happily starts
> with "listen_addresses = ''. That means, postmaster itself
> works as advertised, but pg_ctl does not.

I looked at this before, and could not see anything in either the
postmaster or pg_ctl that would invent the address out of
thin air.  I think this report most likely depends on some
misconfiguration of the OP's system.  I doubt it should be our business
to work around such misconfiguration.  In particular, magically
substituting for seems utterly without principle.

                        regards, tom lane

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