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    Shahbaz> There are bound to be people in the academia (grad
    Shahbaz> students, professors of CS, etc.) on this mailing list,
    Shahbaz> yet I see few RDBMS courses using postgresql as an
    Shahbaz> example.  If people still have connections to
    Shahbaz> universities, it would seem that inviting researchers to
    Shahbaz> use PGSQL for their experiments will quickly make it
    Shahbaz> comparable to Oracle/etc.  This would be specifically

At Berkeley, PostgreSQL is used for projects in the upper division
undergraduate database systems class. At least it was used this past
Fall, and we plan to use it in the Spring as well (I will be
TA'ng). The projects involved using pg as a back-end and a small
buffer replacement policy assignment.


In addition, we (the database systems research group) are using the
PostgreSQL code base (7.2.1) to build TelegraphCQ, our new system to
process continuous queries over data streams. Preliminary paper here:


No, it's not really close to a release yet ... :-)


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