subject says it all, I guess. There is hardly no difference between 7.3 libpq and 7.3.1 libpq. Why the version shift? Isn't the only thing rectifying a version shift that there is a change in the API. Maybe there is, but I cannot find it.

If there is a good reason, like say "security", maybe I can persuade the FreeBSD port responsible to bring the port into the upcoming FreeBSD 5.0 release. The port freeze was introduced just before 7.3 was released, so nothing new will be admitted unless it is a security fix, more or less, which means FreeBSD 5.0 will ship with 7.2.3, which would be a disappointment...

It is a PITA to relink every binary, so I guess I'll just keep the old lib around. Still, I could use a good explanation why the version shift was comitted.


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