On 09/15/2015 03:11 PM, Robert Haas wrote:
If there is an interest I'll add the patch to the next CommitFest.

Thanks for considering, and any feedback is most welcomed.

Seems neat, but I can't understand how to read the flame graphs.

X-axis is sort of "up in the air" with flame graphs -- similar call stacks are grouped together, and here it is the queue size.

Y-axis is the lock queue size -- e.g. CLogControlLock is "max'ed" out, since there is a queue size of 80 with the -c/-j 80 run.

The width of each column shows how the locks are "distributed" within the report. Mouse over on the lock name gives the % of the entire report, f.ex. CLogControlLock has 74% of spin delays. Note, that some of the reports are filtered in order to eliminate "unnecessary" information -- see README.

You would need to zoom into some of the information - left click - and the reset the zoom afterwards.

I can change the reports if something is more helpful.

Flame graphs for CPU profiling are more common, like


Thanks for looking at the patch.

Best regards,

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