> The 9.5 release notes contain this promising but cryptic item:
> - Allow foreign data wrappers and custom scans to implement join
> pushdown (KaiGai Kohei)
> As phrased, this seems to mean, "it can be done, but we haven't done
> it".  But there is no link to any documentation that explains how to do
> this.  The commit that appears to have added this feature touches
> postgres_fdw, but neither the documentation nor the tests show anything
> about this feature, and I haven't been able to reproduce anything that
> would seem to indicate anything like this is at work.
> So what is the actual extent of this feature?
It says these enhancement on interface allows extensions to implement
join operation in their own way (including remote join in case of FDW),
however, enhancement of postgres_fdw is not yet upstreamed.

So, how about the description below? It focuses on interface enhancement.

- Allow extensions to implement join in their own way using foreign
  data wrappers and customer scan interface.

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