However, it does seem like this function is not implementing its
specification.  Why isn't it just "IsBinaryCoercible(typid, TEXTOID)"?
Oversight, I suppose. is_text_type() was introduced by

commit 635aaab278afc1af972a4b6a55ff632ab763505d
Author: Tom Lane <>
Date:   Tue Apr 8 18:20:29 2008 +0000

    Fix tsvector_update_trigger() to be domain-friendly: it needs to allow all
    the columns it works with to be domains over the expected type, not just
    exactly the expected type.  In passing, fix ts_stat() the same way.
    Per report from Markus Wollny.

Will fix. Suppose, is_expected_type() could be replaced to IsBinaryCoercible 

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