On 09/14/2015 03:41 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Currently, json_agg, jsonb_agg, json_object_agg and jsonb_object_agg do type
classification on their arguments on each call to the transition function.
This is quite unnecessary, as the argument types won't change. This patch
remedies the defect by caching the necessary values in the aggregate state
Seems a reasonable idea to me.  This is 9.6 only, right?

I think we can reasonably backpatch it to 9.5, which is where the jsonb functions were actually introduced. It's not at all user visible, and we're still in alpha. Seem fair?

I have addressed your stylistic concerns, but I'll leave the fmgr_info question Teodor raised for another day. Before I do anything more than this I want to do some profiling to find out where the time is actually going for various workloads.



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