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>>> If we take the per-backend slot approach the locking seems unnecessary
>>> and there are principally two options:
>>> 1) The backend puts the DSM handle in its own slot and notifies the
>>> requester to read it.
>>> 2) The backend puts the DSM handle in the slot of the requester (and
>>> notifies it).
>>> If we go with the first option, the backend that has created the DSM
>>> will not know when it's OK to free it, so this has to be responsibility of
>>> the requester.  If the latter exits before reading and freeing the DSM, we
>>> have a leak.  Even bigger is the problem that the sender backend can no
>>> longer send responses to a number of concurrent requestors: if its slot is
>>> occupied by a DSM handle, it can not send a reply to another backend until
>>> the slot is freed.
>>> With the second option we have all the same problems with not knowing
>>> when to free the DSM and potentially leaking it, but we can handle
>>> concurrent requests.
>> It should not be true - the data sender create DSM and fills it. Then set
>> caller slot and send signal to caller. Caller can free DSM any time,
>> because data sender send newer touch it.
> But the requester can timeout on waiting for reply and exit before it sees
> the reply DSM.  Actually, I now don't even think a backend can free the DSM
> it has not created.  First it will need to attach it, effectively
> increasing the refcount, and upon detach it will only decrease the
> refcount, but not actually release the segment...

I am afraid so it has not simple and nice solution - when data sender will
wait for to moment when data are received, then we have same complexity
like we use  shm_mq.

Isn't better to introduce new background worker with responsibility to
clean orphaned DSM?



> So this has to be the responsibility of the reply sending backend in the
> end: to create and release the DSM *at some point*.
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