On 23/09/15 08:17, Christopher Browne wrote:

"The user should do [something]; he or she or it, or the cis/trans/asexual
personage or connection used by a web application, whether written in
C, Java, Perl, PHP, running on Windows or Unix or ..." as the increasing
inclusions heads to some pathological limit.
order to be politically correct" will irritate people; instead, make the
documentation *better*. Replacing "he" with "he/she/cis/trans/Unix/Windows"
(or some such) wouldn't make it *better*.  (And probably that's a phrase
that's missing some legalistic wherefores whereases!)

You also have to include "they" as some people have multiple personalities, I actually met one (but only - as far as I can tell - saw one of them) - in the early 1990's I conversed with several people on alt.sexual.abuse.recovery, so got more insights into these types of complexities than most people. I was doing a project in network traffic, and got to look at some high volume usenet groups, of which that group was one.

Don't forget GNU/Linux,  & GNU/Hurd, plus many others...  :-)

I'll settle for avoiding unnecessary use of gender!


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