On 24/09/15 22:41, Geoff Winkless wrote:
On 24 September 2015 at 11:33, Gavin Flower <gavinflo...@archidevsys.co.nz <mailto:gavinflo...@archidevsys.co.nz>>wrote:

    An example from a book on PostgreSQL server programming that I'm
    working through (Note that it is obviously awkward to write with
    gender pronouns when gender is irrelevant, note the "he she" in
    one place and "he/she" in another!):

       "If the user is a superuser, then they have permission to see the
       full query. If the user is a regular user, they will only see the
       full query for their queries."

Can I quietly suggest "​Users with superuser pemissions can always see the full query​, while regular users will only see the full query for their own queries."?

By all means say it quietly!  :-)

But I was simply trying to change it into Gender Appropriate form, rather improve it in other aspects.

However, your rephrasing is better still!


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