Stephen Frost <> writes:
> Alright, attached is an attempt at doing these renames.  I went a bit
> farther since it seemed to make sense to me (at least at the time, I'm
> wondering a bit about it now), so, please provide any thoughts or
> feedback you have regarding these changes.

> Further, rename 'withCheckOptions' in Query and ModifyTable to
> 'insertedCheckClauses', ExecWithCheckOption to ExecCheckClauses,
> ri_WithCheckOptions and ri_WithCheckOptionExprs to
> ri_InsertedCheckClauses and ri_InsertedCheckExprs, respectively, all to
> make it clear that these are the check clauses which were added by the
> rewriter, not the actual WITH CHECK OPTION indication for a view (which
> is stored in reloptions for the view) nor the WITH CHECK expressions for

That commitlog entry doesn't seem to quite square with the patch,
wherein I see

- *             WithCheckOptions                list of WithCheckOption's to be 
- *             WithCheckOptionExprs    list of WithCheckOption expr states
+ *             InsertedCheckClauses    list of WithCheckOption's to be checked
+ *             InsertedCheckClauseExprs        list of WithCheckOption expr 

-       List       *ri_WithCheckOptions;
-       List       *ri_WithCheckOptionExprs;
+       List       *ri_InsertedCheckClauses;
+       List       *ri_InsertedCheckClauseExprs;

The distinction between a "clause" and an "expr" is not very obvious,
and certainly most other places in the code use those terms pretty
interchangeably, so I find both the old and new names unclear here.
How about ri_InsertedCheckClauseStates instead for the second list?
And similarly if you're using "Expr" to mean ExprState anywhere else.

                        regards, tom lane

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