Evaluate via ExecEvalExpr, right?     And sorry for a beginner question,
what do I need to do to get that Expr from ForeignScanState?    Is it
accessible at all in old 9.1 API?

I see code that is getting exec_exprs  from ForeignScan *node:
  ForeignScan *fsplan = (ForeignScan *)node->ss.ps.plan;
  List *exec_exprs = (List *)ExecInitExpr((Expr *)fsplan->fdw_exprs,
(PlanState *)node);

  then it goes through the list, initializes paramDesc/ExprState and
executes it via ExecEvalExpr.   Is that what I should do to get that
'abc123' value?

And I'm getting  "‘ForeignScan’ has no member named ‘fdw_exprs’" in the 9.1
API.  Is it possible to do in 9.1?


Is there some alternative way to flatten these subexpressions into consts,
before they are passed to FDW?

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> a Param should not be a special case in any w

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