Asif Naeem <> writes:
> I have spent sometime to investigate the issue, it is reproduciable. In
> case of Windows, when pqsecure_raw_read() function error code
> WSAEWOULDBLOCK (EWOULDBLOCK) when no data queued to be read from the non
> blocking socket there is a need to log retry flag. Related error code can
> be retrieved via Windows WSAGetLastError() instead of errno, preprocessor
> SOCK_ERRNO handle it gracefully. PFA patch, it resolve the issue i.e.

> @@ -1601,7 +1601,7 @@ my_sock_read(BIO *h, char *buf, int size)
>       int                     save_errno;
>       res = pqsecure_raw_read((PGconn *) h->ptr, buf, size);
> -     save_errno = errno;
> +     save_errno = SOCK_ERRNO;
>       BIO_clear_retry_flags(h);
>       if (res < 0)
>       {

Great detective work!  But if that's broken, then surely the identical
code in my_sock_write is as well; and the reassignment to errno at the
bottom of my_sock_read needs to be SOCK_ERRNO_SET(); and why doesn't
my_sock_write have a reassignment at all?

                        regards, tom lane

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