Seems to me that there are a bunch of agendas here.

I read about not wanting to be trapped into a proprietary system. You can be trapped in any software you depend upon. Compilers, Platforms, SCM, issue tracking are all places to be trapped.

Postgres and Postgresql have been around a very long time for the software world. It has outlived several of the systems it has depended upon over those many years. I hope and expect that Postgres will continue to outlive some of these platforms.

So do not get hung up on having been 'burned' in the past. Expect to be 'burned' again. Take steps to minimize that pain in the future.

For an issue tracker, open source or proprietary, I would want raw database dumps and schema information. Postgres is a database after all. If you truly have the data, you should be able to migrate it.

Also, does the system you adopt use Postgres? You are your best open source software. If performance starts to go downhill, you are in the best position to fix it if you understand and control it. How responsive will whatever system be to your changing needs? If you partner with an external group, the two groups will benefit from each other if they are truly sharing the technologies.

Jeff Anton

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