Fujii Masao wrote:

> I've not read the patch yet, but the patched server with 
> track_commit_timestamp
> enabled caused the following PANIC error when I ran pgbench.

Ah, that was a stupid typo: I used || instead of &&.  Fixed that.

I also changed DeactivateCommitTs() so that it removes all slru segments
instead of leaving the last one around (which is what SimpleLruTruncate
was doing).  This was noticeable when you ran a server with the feature
enabled (which created some files), then disabled it (which removed all
but the last) and ran for some more xacts; then enabled it again (which
created a new file, far ahead from the previously existing one).  Since
the feature has enough protections that it doesn't have a problem with
no files at all being present, this works correctly.  Note no
wal-logging of this operation: it's not necessary AFAICS because the
same deactivation routine would be called again in recovery and in
XLOG_PARAMETER_CHANGE, so it should be safe.

And pushed.


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