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> "Marc G. Fournier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I never considered tag'ng for minor releases as having any 
> importance, 
> > since the tarball's themselves provide the 'tag' ... 
> branches give us 
> > the ability to back-patch, but tag's don't provide us 
> anything ... do 
> > they?
> Well, a tag makes it feasible for someone else to recreate 
> the tarball, given access to the CVS server.  Dunno how 
> important that is in the real world --- but I have seen 
> requests before for us to tag release points.
> Any other arguments out there?

I've often found tags useful when ppl have reported bugs that have
occured between version - A quick way to see the changes that might have
introduced the new bug when browsing though a web interface.

Regards, Dave.

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