Hi hackers, some odd behavior has been reported with Npgsql and I wanted to
get your help.

Npgsql supports sending multiple SQL statements in a single packet via the
extended protocol. This works fine, but when the second query SELECTs a
value modified by the first's UPDATE, I'm getting a result as if the UPDATE
hasn't yet occurred.

The exact messages send by Npgsql are:

Parse (UPDATE data SET name='foo' WHERE id=1), statement=unnamed
Describe (statement=unnamed)
Bind (statement=unnamed, portal=MQ0)
Parse (SELECT * FROM data WHERE id=1), statement=unnamed
Describe (statement=unnamed)
Bind (statement=unnamed, portal=MQ1)
Execute (portal=MQ0)
Close (portal=MQ0)
Execute (portal=MQ1)
Close (portal=MQ1)

Instead of returning the expected 'foo' value set in the first command's
UPDATE, I'm getting whatever value was previously there.
Note that this happen regardless of whether a transaction is already set
and of the isolation level.

Is this the expected behavior, have I misunderstood the protocol specs?

Thanks for your help, and please let me know if you need any more info.


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