Stephen Frost wrote:
> * Tom Lane ( wrote:
> > If you want such an API, I won't stop you from using it, but I will not
> > use it myself.  Please put in message-body commands as well.
> So, unsurprisingly, debbugs does support all commands that can be sent
> to control@ also through the system; the command
> simply needs to be prefixed with 'Control: ' and then '-1' can be used
> as the bug number (so you don't have to figure out what the right number
> is, etc), like so:
> Control: close -1
> Control: tags -1 wontfix

Supposedly we will want our traffic to still flow via, so the trick of grabbing the bug number from
the To address will not be available, will it?

Hmm, I guess we could have the bug form add
as headers, which should work for most people (since we reply-all), Josh
Berkus being the exception.

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