On Saturday 04 January 2003 03:20 am, you wrote:
> >I am sure, many of you would like to delete this message before reading,
> > hold on. :-)
> I'm afraid most posters did not read the message.  Those who replied
> "Why bother?" did not address your challenge:

Our challenges may be..;-) 

Anyway you are absolutely right. Looks like evrybody thought it as an attempt 
to convert postgresql to a thread per connection model.

> >I think threads are useful in difference situations namely parallelising
> >blocking conditions and using multiple CPUs.
> This is indeed one of the few good reasons for threads.  Indeed,
> large/robust systems use a mix.
> The consensus of the group is that those who do the work are not ready
> for threads.  Which is fine.  Looking into my crystal ball, I see that
> it will happen, though it appears so far away.

I hope it happens and I will be able to contribute to it if I can.


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