Hello, hackers!
We haven't find how was EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL built for Windows OS. So we choose to build PostgreSQL and PgAdmin3 on ours own and publish our results for community. Sources and patches are living here: https://github.com/postgrespro/pgwininstall PostgreSQL builds with nls (libintl), libxml2, libxslt, Python, Perl, uuid, zlib and iconv. All dependencies except Perl and Python are building from source code. Now that build have no additional extensions such as PostGIS or pg_repack but there are plans to add it to build. In addition we have no processed upgrade scenario from EnterpriseDB build of PostgreSQL. We hope interested in Windows community will link up to develop these scripts on github. For example, we have fresh 9.4.5 built by these scripts so you can try it here: https://yadi.sk/d/T0PCWguBja8o5

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