On Sun, 2003-01-05 at 17:15, Dave Page wrote:
> There were always ads there

Yes -- but AFAIK there were in the process of being phased out
(furthermore, the old site only had ads on the initial mirror page,
whereas they are much more widespread on the new site).

> they help pay for the boxes.

Obviously, but it's VERY unprofessional for us to show ads to users on
our website. It goes without saying, but pretty much every other
non-trivial OSS project doesn't have ads on their main website.
Displaying ads makes us look more like a Geocities site than a
legitimate competitor to Oracle/DB2/etc.

In fact, there are several groups that provide free hosting for OSS
projects, without requiring them to display ads on their webpages (e.g.
SourceForge, Savannah, etc.)


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