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> Pls. don't misunderstand my questions: They are directed to get an
> even more useful spatial data handling of PostgreSQL. I'm working with
> PostGIS since years and are interested in any work regarding spatial
> types...
> Can anyone report use cases or applications of these built-in geometric
> types?
> Would'nt it be even more useful to concentrate to PostGIS
> geometry/geography types and extend BRIN to these types?

Note, that PostGIS is a different project which is maintained by separate
team. PostGIS have its own priorities, development plan etc.
PostgreSQL have to be self-consistent. In particular, it should have
reference implementation of operator classes which extensions can use as
the pattern. This is why it's important to maintain built-in geometric

In short: once we implement it for built-in geometric types, you can ask
PostGIS team to do the same for their geometry/geography.

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