Hi All,

I was able to follow the debugging of the child process using this link,

As per the notes , I was able to set breakpoints and everything seem to be
working (hopefully). However I am not able to see the debug messages in the
eclipse console (for the attached process) . Please help

When I check on the console in eclipse , this is the last message I see.

0x00007ffff73fad48 in poll () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6

I added a 2 lines in pl_exec.c and kept breakpoints for these lines. The
breakpoints work fine but I am not able to see the console log.
I was able to use the log message "ereport(LOG, (errmsg("test here
started")));" in autovaccum.c line 414 and see the message in the console.
But this message is from the main process. I am having trouble seeing the
console log only for the attached process.

pl_exec.c :

Line 310 :
                (errmsg("test here started")));

Line 311 :
    elog(ERROR,"test here");


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