IOn 10/14/2015 08:45 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
> Amir Rohan wrote:
>> it does fail the "dependent options" test:
>> $ postgres -C "archive_mode"
>> on
>> $ postgres -C wal_level
>> minimal
>> no errors, great, let's try it:
>> $ pg_ctl restart
>> FATAL:  WAL archival cannot be enabled when wal_level is "minimal"
> This complaint could be fixed we had a --check-config that runs the
> check hook for every variable, I think.  I think that closes all the
> syntax checks you want; then your tool only needs to worry about
> semantic checks, and can obtain the values by repeated application of -C
> <param> (or, more conveniently, have a new -C mode that takes no args
> and prints the names and values for all parameters).

That sounds reasonable and convenient. It's important to have one
tool that covers everything, so I'd have to call "-C" and parse
the errors, but that seems possible.

If there was a flag which produced something more like the output of the
pg_settings view in a structured format, as well as the errors, that
would be ideal. And possibly useful for other tool building.
Would such a thing be contrary to the pg spirit?


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