Bruce Momjian wrote:

> Probably the most controvertial change was to move on-disk bitmap
> indexes to the "not wanted" section, though I kept the links in case we
> change our minds.  I just can't see how they would be a win with GIN and
> in-memory bitmaps.

Yeah, I recall we discussed bitmap indexes a lot and we found there
wasn't a lot of room to use them because GIN is just too good, it seems.
Also, the patches that were developed had a number of issues.  Anyone
wanting to develop bitmap indexes would probably be better off starting
from scratch.

> (I don't think BRIN indexes help for on-disk bitmap use-cases, do
> they?)

No, they don't.  I expect BRIN to be very bad in a limited domain (which
is where bitmap indexes are supposed to shine), except under specific

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