working on the checkpoint sorting/flushing patch I noticed a number of
preexisting issues:

1) The progress passed to CheckpointWriteDelay() will often be wrong -
   it's calculated as num_written / num_to_write, but num_written is only
   incremented if the buffer hasn't since independently been written
   out. That's bad because it mean's we'll think we're further and
   further behind if there's independent writeout activity.

   Simple enough to fix, we gotta split num_written into num_written
   (for stats purposes) and num_processed (for progress).

   This is pretty much a bug, but I'm a slightly worried about
   backpatching a fix because it can have a rather noticeable
   behavioural impact.

2) CheckpointWriteDelay()'s handling of config file changes et al is
   pretty weird: The config is reloaded during a checkpoing iff it's not
   an immediate checkpoint and we're on schedule. I see very little
   justification for having the got_SIGHUP block inside that if block.

3) The static pg_usleep(100000L); in CheckpointWriteDelay() is a bad

   On a system with low write activity (< 10 writes sec) this will lead
   to checkpoints finishing too early as there'll always be around ~10
   writes a second. On slow IO, say a sdcard, that's bad.

   On system with a very high write throughput (say 1k+ buffers/sec) the
   unconditional 100ms sleep while on schedule will mean we're far
   behind after the sleep. This leads to rather bursty IO, and makes it
   more likely to run into dirty buffer limits and such.  Just reducing
   the sleep from 100ms to 10ms leads to significant latency
   improvements. On pgbench rate limited to 5k tps:

   number of transactions skipped: 70352 (1.408 %)
   number of transactions above the 100.0 ms latency limit: 2817 (0.056 %)
   latency average: 5.266 ms
   latency stddev: 11.723 ms
   rate limit schedule lag: avg 3.138 (max 0.000) ms

   number of transactions skipped: 41696 (0.834 %)
   number of transactions above the 100.0 ms latency limit: 1736 (0.035 %)
   latency average: 4.929 ms
   latency stddev: 8.929 ms
   rate limit schedule lag: avg 2.835 (max 0.000) ms

   I think the sleep time should be computed adaptively based on the
   number of buffers remaining and the remaining time. There's probably
   better formulations, but that seems like an easy enough improvement
   and considerably better than now.

4) It's a bit dubious to only pgstat_send_bgwriter() when on schedule.


Andres Freund

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