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> Justin Clift <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> We don't support OS/400 yet do we?
> Never heard of it.  Is it Unix-y?  Do you have one available for testing?

No, OS/400 is what replaced IBM System 34, System 36, and System 38.
(Apparently they jumped to 40, and then multiplied by 10 to suggest it
was 10x as good...)

It was based on the CMU "Hydra" project, which built an OS with a pretty
strong security kernel, with ties to the "orthogonal persistence"

By this point, they have created a POSIX-emulation environment so it can
pretend to be somewhat like a Unix, but underneath, it's a database
system for running RPG code.  As such, it kind of starts as a DBMS.

Somehow, I'm not sure that PostgreSQL-on-OS/400 is likely to be more
than a curiosity.
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