On 10/23/15 11:10 PM, Noah Misch wrote:
> On RHEL 5 and some other "active adult" systems, "localhost" does not reach a
> listen_addresses='::' server.  IPv6 is available, but "localhost" resolves to
> only.
> The latest systems resolve "localhost" to both and ::1, in which
> case PQping("host='localhost'") will attempt both addresses in an unspecified
> order.  Given a postmaster with listen_addresses='', contacting ::1
> first will fail (fine) or reach a different postmaster (not fine).

A design I have seen in some other systems is that you specify as a
configuration parameter an address by which you want to be contacted by
admin tools.  This might be overkill here since we only need to be
contacted by a local client and the discussion is hoping to handle those
cases, but if not it would be a more principled solution.

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