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> Currently PostgreSQL only has trigonometric functions that work in
> radians. I think it would be quite useful to have an equivalent set of
> functions that worked in degrees. In other environments these are
> commonly spelled sind(), cosd(), etc.
> Partly, this would be a matter of convenience. It's quite common to
> have a problem domain where angles are specified in degrees, and it's
> somewhat cumbersome having to type things like sin(radians(x)) and
> degrees(asin(x)).
> Additionally, functions that worked natively in degrees would be able
> to return exact answers in special cases like cosd(90) = 0, whereas
> cos(radians(90)) is not exactly 0 because pi/2 cannot be represented
> exactly as a floating point number.

That is important.

> Possibly the earthdistance module would benefit from these functions too.
> Thoughts?

+1, yes, please.

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