20.10.2015 17:00, Artur Zakirov пишет:
These flag types are used in affix files of such dictionaries as ar,
br_fr, ca, ca_valencia, da_dk, en_ca, en_gb, en_us, fr, gl_es, is,
ne_np, nl_nl, si_lk (from

Now almost all dictionaries are loaded into PostgreSQL. But the da_dk dictionary does not load. I see the following error:

ERROR: invalid regular expression: quantifier operand invalid
CONTEXT: line 439 of configuration file "/home/artur/progs/pgsql/share/tsearch_data/da_dk.affix": "SFX 55 0 s +GENITIV

If you open the affix file in editor you can see that there is incorrect format of the affix 55 in 439 line (screen1.png):

SFX 55 0  s     +GENITIV

SFX parameter should have a 5 fields. There are no field between "0" digit and "s" symbol. "+GENITIV" is the optional morphological field and ignored by PostgreSQL.

I think that it is a error of the affix file. I wrote a e-mail to i...@stavekontrolden.dk to the dictionary authors about this error.

What is the right decision in this case? Should PostgreSQL ignore this error and do not show it?

Artur Zakirov
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