(adding Heikki, since that macro was touched by his commit 04e298b8)

Does my previous description of the problem make sense, or am I fretting
over something that's a non-issue.

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On Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 7:03 PM, Gurjeet Singh <gurj...@singh.im> wrote:

> Gin code respects the XLR_MAX_BLOCK_ID when
> calling XLogEnsureRecordSpace(). But it appears that the Gist code does not
> try to limit its block-id consumption to XLR_MAX_BLOCK_ID.
> The GIST_MAX_SPLIT_PAGES is hard-coded at 75, but XLogEnsureRecordSpace()
> would reject a request of more than 32 (XLR_MAX_BLOCK_ID).
> The attached patch redefines GIST_MAX_SPLIT_PAGES so that in case of a
> split, gistplacetopage() now throws an error when the block-ids needed
> exceed 32.
> I have used Min(75, XLR_MAX_BLOCK_ID) as the macro expansion, but I
> believe it can be set to plain XLR_MAX_BLOCK_ID.
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